We help businesses grow and thrive in today’s constantly changing world through effective risk management and specialised insurance implementation

Through an awareness of the increasingly complicated environment in which businesses operate, EIRS is committed to assisting customers in managing the risk associated with their particular industry. We do so by designing a well-considered insurance solution that will help you reduce costs, preserve your hard-earned assets and grow your business.

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Growing International Reach

EIRS is a growing international risk management professional services firm with presence in over 8 countries.

We provide insights and support to our commercial and individual customers to help them navigate through the risks they face in the local markets in which they operate.

EIRS has a global approach to risk management and insurance and the necessary relations in order to provide superior offerings to our clients.


Our team of professionals are there to guide you through the entire insurance journey and to help you understand and navigate through risks specific to your business, industry and market.

We provide expert advice and assistance regarding policy placements, policy maintenance, claims management, and other financial insurance services.

EIRS is serious about providing high-quality service and therefore have an experienced claims management team that is able to handle customer queries and claims timeously and proficiently.

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