EIRS walks a journey with customers across all industries to understand, anticipate and quantify their risk landscape. We aim to help customers protect and grow their businesses by helping mitigate risks that are specific to their business, their industry, and local market.

EIRS Insurable risk

Analysing Insurable Risk

We help guide you through the insurance and risk management process in order to give you peace of mind.The risks businesses face today look a lot different than a few years ago. Executives are now faced with risk management challenges regarding pandemics, sustainable practices, political risks, cyber exposure, and compliance with regulatory changes, just to name a few.

Business insurance is designed to protect your company against insurable risk or the likelihood of a loss. EIRS uses advanced technologies and extensive data sources to better understand and inform our customers of their risk profiles. We help businesses respond to the ever-changing environment in which they operate in order to increase stakeholder value and deliver growth.

Policy Placement and Maintenance

We walk a journey with our clients and build strong relationships to understand their business, their goals and their needs.

Our team of professionals provides expert advice and assistance regarding policy placements, policy maintenance, claims management, and policy renewal.

EIRS policy placement maintenance