Agriculture has become progressively more sophisticated and faces unique challenges when it comes to protecting crops, livestock and assets. Agricultural insurance helps farmers run a sustainable business through comprehensive cover against loss or damage.

Through our close ties with the farming communities, we understand the day-to-day challenges you face and the hard work that goes into managing a successful farm therefore our experts do a thorough analysis to ensure that you have the right insurance in place for your business needs.

Agriculture insurance product provides cover for

EIRS Crop Insurance

Crop insurance

Cover provides protection against unexpected losses of projected crop yields or profits. Crop-yield insurance could include natural disasters like fire, drought, or flooding with the intention of protecting farmers against yield or entire crop loss.

EIRS liability Insurance

Liability insurance

Legal compensation for liability due to the accidental death, illness or injury of a third party. The policy also covers physical loss of or damage to property belonging to a person covered in terms of the policy.

EIRS Livestock Insurance

Livestock insurance

Death of livestock, or pedigreed animals, due to natural disasters, accidents, illness, contraction of disease, or attack by a wild animal is covered. Pedigreed animals can get extended cover to include various illnesses, transit, and exhibiting of animals.

EIRS Farm Assets Insurance

Farm assets insurance

Cover against loss or damage to buildings, other permanent fixtures as well as machinery, and equipment that is on the premises for personal and business use.