Types of renewable energy sources


Gravitational potential energy of water converted into electrical energy through a hydraulic turbine.

Wind energy

Kinetic energy of the wind converted into electricity by means of wind turbines.

Solar energy

The sun's energy turned into electricity heat energy by solar panels / solar heaters.


Energy obtained from plant and animal remains; e.g. burning wood produces heat energy.

Geothermal energy

Heat energy trapped underneath the earth's crust converted into electricity by steam turbines

Ocean energy

Oceanic thermal and tidal energy converted into electricity by turbines and other systems.

Hydrogen energy

Hydrogen's potential chemical energy coverted into electricity by Hydrogen fuel cells.

Insurance services

Using data, technology, and analytics, we tailor our offering to provide simplified, comprehensive, and cost-effective insurance. We guide our customers through the entire risk management and insurance journey in a transparent and open manner.

  • Identification of risks for each project
  • Determination of the cover required
  • Assessment of the optimum approach
  • Insurance strategy documentation
  • Advice around local legislation
  • Procurement of insurances throughout the construction phase, operational phase, and commercial operations

Energy insurance solutions include

General Liability Insurance Provides protection for personal injury and property damage that may occur as a result of business activities.Legal Liability Insurance Covers the whole spectrum of vendors and industry-related professionals as installers, engineers and solar project designers.Workers’ Compensation Claims pertaining to employees who suffer from a work-related injury or disease which may require treatment, rehabilitation, hospitalisation and lost income compensation.All Risks Insurance Cover for Plant / Equipment Insurance coverage that automatically covers any risk that the contract does not explicitly omit Business Interruption cover Business interruption insurance is insurance coverage that replaces income lost in the event that business is halted due to direct physical loss or damage. This type of insurance also covers operating expenses, a move to a temporary location if necessary, payroll, taxes, and loan payments.Construction all risk Provides coverage for material damage to the works under construction, and can be extended to also cater for third-party property damage and injury losses

Risk management services

We have a wealth of experience and capability to respond effectively to our client’s needs:

  • Power purchase agreement guidance and advice
  • Advice and guidance around finance agreements and lenders insurance advisors, engineering
  • Procurement, Construction (EPC) contract advice
  • Advice around borrower obligations and insurances
  • Project Company advice around Insurances, access to reinsurance markets
  • Interconnection of Electricity agreements advice

EIRS and our partners assist our clients throughout the entire project life cycle.