Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance is the insurance product that businesses purchase in order to protect themselves against the risk that a buyer defaults on a payment obligation.

Trade credit insurance policies enable businesses to extend insured credits to their customers and simultaneously reduce the risk of default payments.

EIRS Trade Credit Insurance

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

  • Protection against non-payment

  • Expert assessment of credit risks

  • Development of new markets in different industries

  • Increased market penetration

  • Access to expert advice on collection techniques

  • Increased improvement of quality
    of customers therefore less incidence of bad debt.

  • Lower legal costs through improved
    buying power of collection services.

  • Enhanced financing mechanisms by
    providing added security to finance providers.

Product Types

EIRS Whole Turnover Credit Insurance

Whole turnover

Whole turnover credit insurance will give you a percentage of coverage for your entire balance sheet to ensure that your working capital is not at risk.

EIRS Selected Trade Credit Insurance

Selected part of turnover

Selected trade credit insurance covers a selected part of your company’s domestic sales, specific division or a particular product line.

EIRS Selected Buyers Insurance

Selected buyers

Cover can be restricted to the turnover made with a number of selected buyers. It is cover only for the insured’s largest x numbers of buyers.

EIRS Single Buyers Insurance

Single buyers

Single contract cover, where the policy covers only one single transaction with a single buyer.

We assist with the following

Secure or increase funding by insuring one of your largest assets – your trade debtor book. Provide you with a framework to manage your credit accounts.

Detailed analyses of the sector risks, geographical risks, tools that really work for monitoring and evaluating the risk of your clients defaulting. Strong capacity for dialogue and advice, particularly on the part of the sales staff, the underwriters and credit analysts.

EIRS Insurance Brokerage in South Africa